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Trends Bring  Awareness Of New Seeds #Quote  #INspiredGuide


The year is almost coming an end. Take a look at the 6 top inspired trends for 2012.

You are younger longer which creates a new world for many activities and opportunities.

These trends may have effected your life and how you move forward.

Financial hardship has been one of the highlights of 2012 because of the economic down turn. But so has work, life and learning. Everything depends on where you are in your life.

Lets take a look at some of these trends:

1. WORK/CAREER: You want a career that combines  social  purpose with opportunities.  The biggest trend is self-employment and entrepreneurship  among 46-65 year old boomers.  Boomers are starting a business at 80! We live in remarkable times.

There are those who have lost their  jobs and others who are moving towards “third age” careers and embracing  change.

In the past retirement was about moving away from work and the stresses of life. Today there is a “seismic shift” www.Standardlife.com   toward moving forward and embracing new opportunities, freedom, wealth & health.

If you are planning to stay in the workplace there is a need for conversations with your organisations about new  opportunities to create encore careers open to you.The Key words are adaptability and flexibility.


Smart phones, ipads and forward thinking technology is going to drive how you work and play. Apps is moving towards individuality in a new way.

You will own and manipulate your own app. It will be easier to organise and manage your life. For example, write your book and app it to a powerful influencer and they will spread the news faster than the wind.

The effect of baby boomers working longer will give rise to a booming economy. Governments all over the world should take note. They will have to change with the times.


2.FINANCE: If the economy downturn has not thought you anything it is money awareness-especially managing debt. Savings and pension shortfalls is real. Working longer is the answer for many.

There is a trend  toward do it yourself financial education using apps or technology.   But leaving the larger financial advice to experts are the way to go.

The Trend towards downsizing to a smaller house/apartment/all-inclusive resorts. Preparation of  your  Will  and legacy continues to rise.


As the economy comes roaring back there is a move towards  buying real estate, stock market, short-term investments and new attractive financial trends. You will invest in your children and grandchildren.

Boomer health & fitness

3. HEALTH & FITNESS: Nutrition, looking and feeling younger and exercise continues to grow but in a better way. Excercise is trending toward kinder gentle workouts with wellness in mind. Individual excercise and weight loss programme to remain healthy is on the rise. You want to age well so strength balance and training becomes important.Yoga and Pilates will remain popular.

The brain is crucial to how you age and perform. There is a trend towards games, exercise, puzzles-using it in different ways. A video brain game called Excergame is becoming popular it boost brain power.

Dr’s and GP’s continue to explore social media and other useful arena to reach the Boomer population. This trend will see Baby Boomers employed as fitness professionals who want to move into second life career.


There will be gadgets you can wear to monitor your health and wellbeing.

No need to see your exercise instructor often. It’s all  recorded via technology. Looking younger will be monitored through diet and health apparatus. Eat the correct food, exercise right, use anti-aging gadget side by side with your facial cream.

Wearable brain gadgets used in conjunction with an app. This will help fend off Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Social Media


Research has shown that 55-66 age group  spend the most time on-line and is rising.  The trend continues to move toward writing great stories, building communities and movements both on and off-line.

Smart phones and ipads continues to grow but  leaning towards niche apps for everything.

There are notable changes on how social media is helping you to communicate. The richest trend is toward visual communication. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest has led the way.

Twitter is undergoing changes from 140 character to a multi media platform with rich  images and content. The introduction of Twitter cards will show up along side 140 characters to become an expandable tweet.

Are they trying to take a bite out of the Facebook etc? Maybe, but in a different way. It should benefit the user and brands.


Where is social media and technology heading? The key word here is “containment”. How do you work and play from one device smarter, quicker and conveniently? This is  where we heading. If for example you have a project  in another country or  a different city; Suitable technology will make it possible for the work to be done with ease. Google+ has touched on this idea in hangouts, youtube and circles.

I predict a more visually created apparatus and gadgets. Twitter was on to something with 140  character. Brevity is king and time is precious. Rich content and blogs will become more competitive with the times.

Social media will mimic touch screen-just like the iPad. Imagine Vision+Touch+ Sound = The second social media Revolution.  Where they go from here is everyone’s guess

Can social media become a teaching and learning medium? Google+ could lead the way followed by LinkedIn.  Twitter has an opportunity in this area. However, TV/film medium seem like a better choice.Twitter TV anyone?

Boomer Education

5. EDUCATION: The return to the classroom to update skills or learn new ones.The need to be employed/self-employed after you have lost your job or non-retirement.

There is a move towards learning online via the ipad. Longevity has allowed late boomers to find their stride in later year and start life all over again.

Entrepreneurship trend continues among 46-65 working on their terms. Commonly known as “Olderpreneurs”. Retirement is indeed dead. Long live the third age.

Community learning arenas purposely designed for Baby Boomers is on the rise through private sponsorship to suit their needs. Recently a day centre called ” The second half” for Londoners over 50 was opened in Kensington. Its aim is to rebrand old. It offers several classes such as iPad instructions, CV /resume writing and more. This is the way forward to non-retirement

Inspirational pursuits such as personal development, spirituality, enlightenment are growing trends for boomers. Third age baby boomer coaches will be in demand to match boomers needs.


On-line learning will become the norm but with a much more accessible reach.  There will be an education centre for learning and meeting.

Education apps will be on the rise. Do you want to study with others or alone? The choice is countless.

I predict that Governments in different countries will adapt their education polices  to suit baby boomers. Boomers could work for an extra 20 years or more.

Boomer Leisure

6. LEISURE: Work/life balance is very important characteristic on how you want to live your life with family and friends. This trend will not change.

Combining work and play is in. You have read the books about far away places. Now you want to feel, hear and see the world. Work can be put on hold on your terms while to travel and have fun.

Travelling is a need and no longer a luxury.The trend  to Fit it all in and have the memories on your iPhone, iPad, camara is important. Writing a book is normal. It is memories for children, grandchild and family to read.

Cooking classes and dancing is popular . Your iPad is your work and play device. You can become artistic, play games and then go back to work.

Keeping in touch with friends on social network is becoming much more private and niche. Facebook remains the most popular platform to network. But other networks such as Twitter and Pinterest is capturing the imagination and will continue.

Baby Boomers between the age of 48-66 have the income to buy cars, gadgets to help feel younger, buy apple products will continue to grow.


The gap between work and leisure remain blurred. Both are desirable living for boomers working longer. Most Boomers will continue to retreat from the workplace to work from home or part-time on their terms.

Travelling will be more packaged and adventurous. Do you want a real estate class with  it or cultural  pursuits. The trend will move toward experiencing another culture and living it.  Take it back with a renewed sense of self. All aspect of your travels will be captured and presented like a movie for you. These holidays have a spiritual and personal development element to them.

Working groups will be formed within your circle. You share things and create memories.

Leisure is also shopping. Shopping apps to suit baby boomers needs will become more popular. Boomers control 70% of the income and they spend money on line. Give Boomers what they want and they will buy.

In Conclusion, working is the new  retirement so change is inevitable in all areas of your life. If you are still in the workplace,start planning now its never too early or too late. The growth of the happy apps world is the driving force for many changes and possibilities. What will come after Apps? Who knows! Lets just enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kind Regards

Maureen A Opene

INspiredGuide Career Coach


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