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#TodaysConnection:Don’t waste Energy on your weaknesses;Build Effectively on your Strengths~ #INspiredGuide


This blog is INspired by a delightful client of mine who for years worked in the law profession repairing her weakness; only to discover that it was not her strength.

Once she discovered her talent and strength was in developing and coaching people. She has never looked back since. Don’t repair your weaknesses. Here is Why.


1.Feeling unfulfilled and empty

2. Fear of failure

3 Constant unexplained yearnings

4.Followed by passion when speaking about it

5. Listen to the voiCe of your INspiredGuide- but not act on it.

6. Finally listen and change

If you are experiencing any of these feeling. Its time to explore them.You can change too.

If you are in a profession that you have spent years repairing thinking that it your fault. You stayed because of the money, ‘age’ or it was the ‘right’ thing to do.  The yearnings will show its face again and again.

Find the strength to find you and live your life. While the economy does not allow most of you to choose your path. You can prepare or work part-time. Have the confidence and belief that you are following your dream.

Are you unhappy in your choice of career but feel trapped believing it’s too late? What did you do? Please hare your thoughts.

So Be INspired and Take action


Maureen A Opene

INspired Guide Career Coach


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