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~~The Single word of Love is Being Called Mum~ #Quote  #INspiredGuide

I Love Being Mum

  1. The feeling of over whelming love when you were born.
  2. Being called mum is the best feeling in world.
  3. Celebrating achievements and looking forward to many more.
  4. Being a positive role model.
  5. To Inspire and Guide spiritually, mentally, physically and healthily
  6. Discipline without guilt.
  7. Cook your  favorite food and share laughter
  8. Teach love, kindness and forgiveness.
  9. Alleviate fears, nurse you to health and make you feel safe.
  10. Being loved and giving love unconditionally

*Last but not least: Thank you son for the joy you have given to me and the chance to be grandmother~

What are your reasons you love being a mum? Share them with us.

Thank you


Maureen Opene

INspiredGuide Career Coach


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