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Have you ever wondered why some  businesses and advertisers sell nostalgia? It’s worth millions.They know many of you love to relive your past.Its one of the best-selling emotions ever. You may talk about the past in glowing terms The good old days are better! Indeed because you where there. Nostalgia is constantly INspiring and guiding you.

Nostalgia is no longer viewed as an illness it once was. But an excellent psychological medicine for the mind. Psychological research is work in progress. Past experiences can be brought into the present which can make you life brighter. Face-Book must have got something right. You can connect with old friends and family through names and pictures.

So what can nostalgia do for you:

1.DAY DREAMING: When you are feeling under the weather all you want to do sometimes is dream. You escape to a good place where you can gain strength and love. It’s good to indulge in a moment.Take time out to today dream about things that matter. Get away from daily routine. It give you a new perspective of life.

2. PAST MEMORIES: How can you forget them. Talking to family and friends is a good way to reconnect and socialise can bring back  memories you shared which can strengthen your relationships. It’s unique how you can modify your memories and unleash them when ever you need it.  Bringing you happiness and joy.

3. IMPROVE MOODS: Everybody has bad moods from time to time. Whatever caused it you want to forget. Find a quiet place where you can reflect on a time when you felt happy and just dwell on it. When you have had enough come out of it and feel refresh. This is a great way to bring back the old you.

4. BOOST SELF-ESTEEM: If you are lacking in this area. What better way to identify a nostalgic moment and fill the void. There are times in life when you may have struggled with something and you feel incapable of moving forward. You might feel stressful but you can rebuild. Nostalgia can help you find your mojo again. Doubts and uncertainty can be lifted and you can feel your old self again.

5.FIND MEANING: It is important for most of you to find meaning in what you do. Many surveys have shown that life with meaning and purpose is one of the most important areas of your life. The enduring appeal of your  past is powerful.For instance, You may want to travel and see places you once  saw as a child, smell mum’s bread, feel starched cotton shirt, listen to the sound of 1930’s blues, taste  the original Twinkies and even discover bonds linked with your INspiredGuide-your subconscious mind. Meaning gives you hope.

6.FEEL YOUNGER: If you want to maintain a younger outlook to life what better way to do it. You do no have to look younger but you can develop a positive outlook to life. This can happen by the choices you make. Live your life to the full. Draw on the past energy and bring it into present. It’s not going to be exactly the same but you can relive the best of it with your family and friends. Know what makes you feel younger and live it.

7. BRAIN CONNECTION: You may wonder what can nostalgia do for my brain. A  lot. It helps you recall your memories that are precious to you.For example Pictures, key words, laughter, smells, places, familiar voices helps the brain connect and build stories of your life. Its amazing when you talk about the good old days, how much it changes your persona and  helps you feel happier with a shaper brain.

The benefits of nostalgia are yet to be unravelled. Only the surface has been scratched. We know that nostalgia can be another gateway to health and well-being. I predict that in the not so distance future a  prescription for a dose of nostalgia will be given where needed. One of them will be for the maintainance of the brain working hand in hand with memory.

Have you got a story to tell? Share how you use your nostalgic moments to effects.

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Maureen A Opene

INspiredguide Career Coach


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