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TodaysConnection:”Xmas  can spread love to unfamiliar  places”~INspiredGuide

Traditional Xmas is a time for excess  giving,  wanting , surprises and  love. For most people this is happiness. But is it always?  Why not have a non-Traditional Xmas  like an alternative ‘Inspired Guide xmas wish List’ which  is less about materialism and more about others.

The end result is still happiness but  in a fulfilling and different way. Most of all its a surprise!

So to all my Ageless Baby Boomer Friends out there this is for you, your family and friends. I have given you some examples.You can choose yours.

Tuck in!

1. FAMILY TOGETHERNESS: Sparkle your home with love, peace and happiness. Share and exchange  your 1960’s Xmas childhood memories. Enjoy the good  old days with a focus on today.Joyful moment.

2.AGELESS WISDOM:  Share something significant you have learnt in life to help them.You wanted the latest high heel shoes but got something less flattering. Feet are meant for walking not discomfort.

3.DELICIOUS DINNING: Prepare meals together. Give thanks for all blessings. Add your signature dish as part of the menu. Watch them go gaga!

5.REACH OUT: Place an empty chair at the dinning table in expectation of a stranger in need.  Before hand Contact an old people’s home and bring a guest as a surprise. Put a smile on their face.

6.ECONOMIC RECOVERY: Hopefully its goodbye to economic turmoil and hello to a new beginning all over the world. Put gratitude at the forefront of the recovery. A happy ending long overdue.

7. GIFT OF GIVING:Meaningful gifts without the price tag. Present a beautiful ‘How to’  hand written card and a family portrait to suit each personality.Watch their faces with delight

8.INSPIRED GUIDE: Tap into your INspired guide for everything you want for others this season. Follow your intuition and tell them what they need to know. Have fun.

10.ESSENTIAL CONNECTIONS: To connect and reconnect with family and friends far and wide.  Make  as many contacts as possible. Get the tissues ready.

11.PLANTING SEEDS To plant positive seeds of success for next year with an inspired and joyful heart. Put written Xmas  wishes into a hat . Discuss each outcome together. Food for thought.

12. CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:To be thankful for all Career planning achievements . Write hopes on a post-it and record in your 2012 dairy. From possibility to reality

13.HUMOUR & LAUGHTER: To find humour and laughter in all you do. Put on a record like ‘My Boy Lollipop’ or ‘Lets twist again’ and show them how you danced to it. Let the hip hop generation have their turn. Join in and make a fool of yourself

14.CALM & COLLECTED: Avoid last-minute planning or disagreements. Share a technique that keeps stress at bay. Breathe in-Breathe out six times. Relax.

15.ONE LOVE: The world needs a prayer of love and peace. Pray for a move from change to stability. Recite a positive affirmation and ask everyone to join in. Love is the answer.

May this list warm your heart and bring you joy . What could you add to this list? Share your Xmas wish list.

#XmasUpsetTummyTip: Drink ginger tea or a slice of fresh grounded ginger in warm water. Like magic feel the pain melt away.

Merry Xmas to you, your family and friends

Best wishes

Your INspired Guide Coach

Maureen A Opene




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