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When the word ‘manifesto’ popped into my busy head from nowhere I just knew it was an eureka moment. But  I wondered what it all meant? OK,  I know it relates to politics. My last university lecture on manifesto was the Karl Marx’s communist manifesto and that was sometime ago. I am not political. When I learnt that  you  can have a personal manifesto that got me excited. What a brilliant idea! A mainfesto is about how you intend to lead your life or serve.  Most baby boomers do not want to retire. Age is irrelevant  its how you function in your career and life that’s important. So I decided that it would be apt to write ‘The ageless career manifesto’  dedicated to you on how I propose to inspire and guide you towards a non-retirement career.


1. AGELESS CAREER:I will strive to remove barriers that stands between age and ability.Your birth certificate is not a requirement towards your career and life choices.

2. BABY BOOMERS: I will  inspire and guide you through the changing world  with meaning. I will reassure  you and  take you to the  next level of your career with joy and anticipation.

3.SKILLS AND WISDOM:I will reassess and encourage applicable  skills and experience adequately. Together as team we will make the right choices to your ultimate success.

4.INSPIRED GUIDE: I will encourage  and motivate you to use the wealth of your subconscious mind, intuition,authentic-self and  your conscious mind  effectively so that you can live your best life.

5. CAREER COACHING : I will have a one to one discussion with you professionally about your planning  with clarity and focus and guide you from where you are and want to be.

6. AUTHENTIC SELF: I will strive to connect the real you and with your strengths so that everything will be aligned to who you are and you will go forth and florish.

7. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: I will guide you to maintain greater health towards a longer working life  through preventative,spiritual, emotional and mental well being for your health and happiness.

There you have have it! Enjoy.What are your thoughts on this idea?  How about writing your own manifesto and sharing the results with me and discuss it further.


Till then

Kind regards

Your Inspired Guide Career coach

Maureen A Opene


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