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“TODAYS CONNECTION: Opportunity for change is a date with progress~~~~~INspiredGuide”


I am grateful and thankful for everything last year both good and bad. Lessons learnt will be put into practice and successes  built upon. As I look through the window of intuitive INspired Guide I see a year of change and progress which will bring new opportunities in many areas of work and life. This year is about how you can position yourself to take advantage of these trends.

Looking back, we had a year of political  upheaval and change in many parts  of the world but this will bottom out. There was and still is a recession, economic uncertainty, unemployment and decline in living standards which has affected most of you in one way or the other. This will get better. You  continue to be concerned about your pensions, savings, workplace challenges, health and more. Rightly so.

On the brighter side  there is a silver lining!

You will be given a lot of opportunities this year directly or indirectly such as in technology, social media, networking,  elearning, training, building relationships, Spirituality and connections are among some of the strongest areas for growth.  Be ready to take advantage of these trends.

There are 5 main trends:


Gen VS Boomers

Where are we now? There is a clash of values and conflict in the workplace.  Boomers cannot afford to retire because  of change in pensions therefore they have less savings to retire on so they have to work longer.  There is lack of leadership promotion, employment and job opportunities for millennials.  Therefore baby boomers are seen as dream killers  and millennials seen as lacking in decipline. The Crux of the matter is  change tends to bring uncertainty and conflict. There is an opportunity for change and progress in how both generation can work together. The hope is that mentoring for both will raise in the workplace.

INspired Guide Trend

  • The rise of collaborative leadership with less emphasis on age.
  • Millennials and baby boomers will become more involve in mentoring  programmes . More like an exchange programme to benefit both. For example Boomers can bring soft skills and millennials advanced technology skills
  • Individual personalities and learning styles  will become more important rather  than  generational gap. Get to know them as people, connect and build relationships.
  • Training and retraining in technology, social media and new skills will  be  made more accessible and flexible especially for Baby boomers.
  • Boomers who feel marginalised but will continue to be inspired by entrepreneurship and business start-ups. More to do with passion and second careers  away from the workplace.


Where are we now? Many baby boomers are found on Facebook mainly because of family and friends. This continues to spill into business work life. Boomers are engaged on other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, Google+ and others. Social media  have brought about a lot of connections and expansions in communication and continues to rise. This will get exciting.

INspiredGuide Trends:

  • Baby boomers will increase their business engagement on social media especially on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google+ is an interesting alternative.
  • There will be the rise of more meaningful inter-connected niches with shared social media which will benefit  followers and connections. Twitter will be at the forefront of this and will be extended to Facebook, Google+ etc.
  • Profiles tell a story. How real do you want to be? This will become more important and relevant to your followers/friends/connections. No place to hide.
  • The integration of smartphones, tablets and technology with social media will become more popular. You will continue to learn how to use them to your benefit and excel.
  • Inspirational stories will be on the rise that connects with shared  values extending to YouTube. Imagery will play a big part in getting stories and messages across. A picture tells a story.
  • ‘Authentic You’ has never been so meaningful in how you brand and position yourself to your tribe of followers/ connections/friends. It is also about how influential you are authentically rather than the amount of followers/connections you have. Be real, graceful and genuine is the way you connect. Honoured to meet you.
  • Stream lining is the  new focus. More and more Boomers will experiment with social media to find out what works for them. Too many choices to pick from and cope with. Chose the ones that work for you and then focus your energy. Time  Management is essential to your productivity. One thing at a time will bring the best result.


Where are we now? Baby boomers want to work longer because they are passionate about their career but do not have enough savings. Boomers are living longer, healthier and better. This has brought about change.  Governments around the world decided to increase the pension age because of a shortfall. Baby boomers are searching for a way to balance the two. There is a breakthrough in some areas but not enough yet.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • Effective Career planning is at the forefront of a sustainable progressive plan B. Uncertainty in earnings  will bring urgent measures for you to fit it  into your retirement plans.
  • There will be new ways to work. The integration of home and career will become more important to boomer relationships and connections. Many of you will choose to work from home to be close to family and friends.Technology can bridge this gap. Skype, youtube and social media for example and can build a coaching home business if you want to be there for your loved ones and grand children.
  • The rise of mentorship will  bring about new freelance consulting/coaching careers.
  • Workplace will become dependent on boomer leadership, knowledge, experience and wisdom. You will be offered flexible roles to help nurture and collaborate with the  millennials.
  • The further rise of social networking will  bring about unusual partnerships and connections with like-minded people.
  • You will become more conscious about how you earn a living. How many hours do you want to work to make the desired amount to live? The emphasis is on work smart not drop dead. Stress and Time Management consulting will rise.


Where are we now?  I have noticed on Twitter amazing connections which are taking a life of there own. It’s interesting that Baby  Boomers are seeking like-minded individual to inspire and form groups in exciting ways. It’s not on the scale of ‘occupy wall street’ but  there are some interesting trends building here.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • There will be a rise of  ‘consciousness movement-networks’ which will focus on change and progress. What is your passion or interest? Is it Empowerment? Hashtags have never been busier. This will be built both on and off-line.
  • Find your tribe and connect to a group of like-minded people and inspire in new ways to make a change. Earnings shortfall will be at the centre of how you can find ways to improve your cost of living. We are all in this together.
  • Find new ways to simplify what you do by reaching out on-line/off-line connections that it brings long-lasting rewards.


 Where are we now? There has been an increase in health and well-being fitness in the light of working longer, living longer and living better. There has also been a rise in brain fitness to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory lose. This is because of the worry of losing independence.  Religion and spirituality has been one of the highlights of 2011. You will continue to find meaning and also a new interest as a career.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • Brain as well as body fitness will  continue to make big in roads for maintaining health and earning a living. It’s the  new money.
  • The growth of spirituality and religion will continue but will be linked more than ever with shared values and beliefs through social media.
  • There will be a shift from anti-aging to aspirational wisdom. What’s wrong with the ageless mind? You have a lot of gifts to share.
  • Inspired Guide will be the link for connecting self and well-being. You will learn more and more about how to unlock the gifts of the subconscious mind that contributes to the ageless mind for everything you want. This is your goldmine!
  • There will be a rise  in the of use of  brain iPhone/SmartPhone apps for preserving memory and increasing well being.This is associated with the fear of losing ones memory .  All will be well.

Last Word: Watch out  Twitter will take off in  a surprising direction but more emphasis is placed on curated content . Also Google+  brings something different to the table for those who are looking for a new kind of organised social networking. Talk about social Media overload! This will be the busiest year ever. The rise of Consciousness movements of a new kind for a purposeful world.

There you have it!

What are your trends for 2012? Are any of these trends appealing to you-which ones. Please leave a comment.


Thank you

Best Wishes

Your INspiredGuide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene


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