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INspiredGuide Of Peace

So you are hosting this years Xmas celebrations  for family and friends.Well Done!  But What you really wish for Xmas is the INspiredGuide of peace among your guests.

To be real, not all  Xmas’ go according to plan. But with family around everyone can help do their fair share.

It takes experience, wisdom and patience to achieve the ultimate Xmas.

For the first time I decided to include 140 characters if you want a quick read.

Let’s Begin:

1. PEACEFUL PLANNING: Do a  food, gifts, sitting arrangements and anything else list. How many people are coming? Avoid the last-minute. Delegate making sure everyone is on the same page.

If  You  need  ME time take time out. Hand over to someone else.Be realistic don’t be too disappointed if things don’t turn out well. It’s important to be flexible on the day. Things can change but be prepared to adapt.

2. PEACEFUL ORGANISING:  Life is time. Use it wisely. Approximately what time is dinner and stick to it. Include everybody preference if you can.

Have a note-book or visible board with the names of what everyone is doing. For instance, Aunt Pam is responsible for sitting arrangements. She may want to make sure everyone  feels comfortable with the sitting.

3. PEACEFUL CONNECTION: Dont forget to connect and engage in fun and meaningful things. Do they like games? What TV programmes do they want to watch-avoid disagreements . This is where stress can creep in.

Sort out any signs of bad blood before it happens. For instance may be Uncle Joe does not get on with cousin Jemima. Know beforehand what  is likely to make sparks fly. Avoid it and nip in the bud.

4.PEACEFUL XMAS: This is the reason you are spending Xmas together. Do they want to sing carols, dance, go to church or pray? Make a choice between traditional/nontraditional Xmas. Dont stray too far from tradition or you could experience a backlash.  Connect to with your InspiredGuide for answers. If you decide to change the format.

Most importantly everyone wants  to enjoy the joy and laughter. For instance, you could ask everyone to explain what this Xmas means to them. Story telling is powerful. Enjoy it.

5.PEACEFUL SAFETY: Avoid chaos and danger. Be vigilant of grey areas. Dont leave the oven on when it should have been off. If you burn something open the window. Put a bowl of water in the room it helps to get rid of the smell. It’s the time of the year when someone is likely to overeat or get drunk. This could cause stress.

Have painkillers, coffee and enough water  available. You can take some home treats like ginger for tummy upset. Remember  kids and older folks are prone to accidents.For Instance, wipe the floor immediately if it is wet. Take the kids out for a walk-they can get restless .

In Conclusion, Xmas comes one a year and should be fun and peaceful. But high expectation can take over. The odd fall out can be amended even if its about a wrong gift. Try to make light of it.  There is a  30 day exchange and refund policy:-) Use It!

Happy INspiredGuide Peace at Xmas.

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Maureen A Opene

INspiredGuide Career Coach.

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‘TODAY’S CONNECTION:Daffodils  and an INspired Heart at  Easter time’~INSpiredGuide

  A Blessed Easter Parade with your family, friends and well wishers. Is one way to celebrate and rejoice at Easter time

Easter is a christian holiday. It celebrates the resurrection from the dead  of Jesus Christ on the third day. He ascended into heaven. Easter wants you to be happy and spread the good news.

Easter  brings beautiful flowers, bunny rabbits, hot cross buns and fun things. It  brings streets alive with processions of Easter parade or even a get together at home.

Easter is also about your creative thoughts and the gift of your INspired Guide  to express yourself on your blog, Twitter, Facebook or other.

Meaningful messages sent  to those who need you to make the world a  better place.

It’s also a time to be grateful for everything so far. April has come so fast. It will soon be summer

Easter gives you time to  reflect on where you are so far. What your priorities are and what you want to achieve.Do you need new skills to go forward?

For me it is a time for family, friends and tidying up loose ends. Meditation and prayers and  mostly spreading peace and love.

While you enjoy this Easter holiday take time out to help someone who needs love and kindness. Reassure them that they are not alone.



How do you plan to spend this Easter? Tell us about it

Thank You

INspired Guide Coach

Maureen Opene

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