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~Acknowledge your Blessings Flourish And Be Happy~ #INspiredGuide


Google happiness and millions of searches pop up. It is one of the most important and misunderstood subject in history. Yet for most people to flourish and be happy is the ultimate goal in life.
Aristotle believed that to fully achieve happiness you must seek to flourish in  desired areas. For instance, to live well you must achieve wisdom and understanding to reach your true potential. Furthermore, to fair well you must experience excellent health and well-being to live a happy life.
A flourishing and happy meaningful life is an important achievement for most Baby Boomers living and working longer. It adds joy to precious memories.
Health and happiness go hand in hand. You can further read “The INspiredGuide Trends 2013” which highlights  health and happiness as one of the growing trend this year.

5 ways you can Flourish and be Happy:
1. GRATITUDE REVISITED: Think back in your life when someone offered to help you but you never got round to thanking them. In a letter, write-up to 300 words on how grateful you are. As a surprise get a close family member to read it to them or do it yourself. Alternatively you can record the ‘thank-you’ on a tape labelled and gift wrap it. They can refer to it again and again. Gratitude increases more good fortune in your life. It makes you happier and is a great story to tell.
2. THREE DOSES OF BLESSINGS: Everyday  list three things that went well in your life and say why. They do not have to be big things. Make this a daily habit. For example, Sasha was happy about been given a book she always wanted to read; Her daughter helped tidy up the house by the time she got home. Belle was also complimented at work for her team spirit that saved the bottom line.

As strange as it seems  it is a great reminder how many good things happen in your life that is really a blessings. The more you are aware the more you will be happier with your lot.
3. THE POWER OF YOUR STRENGTH: Identifying your key strengths can be everything you need to know about yourself to thrive and flourish. http://www.authentichappiness.com. Identifies 24 signature qualities that are YOU. For example Lilly’s strengths is kindness, inspiration, leadership, and love for learning.

Knowing her strength allows her to use them at least once everyday in her life and career. These strengths form the foundation of who you are and how you can gain meaning in your life. Don’t pay attention to weaknesses it takes away your happiness.
4.A MEANINGFUL LIFE: Life without meaning is like a life sentence.Most people go through different stages to get there. Belle in the past was a corporate executive with a life style to match. Suddenly was caught off guard when her best friend who had everything to live for fell ill suddenly and was in a coma. When awoken was left paralysed. This was a life changer for her and everyone around her. Everything in Belle’s life became meaningless. Life is too short and full of surprises.

She woke up to the fact that while money was important she never really loved her career. What she really wanted to do was to become a Social Entrepreneur. She did. Her friend recovered but could no longer fulfil her own dreams. To flourish you must live a life of meaning to be happy.
5.CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT:  You are grateful for what you have , you have counted your blessings, you know your strengths, you live a meaningful life,  so lets celebrate what you have accomplished without gloating.  Carol worked hard to be promoted to retail manager and was feeling very happy about her accomplishments that she set other goals she wanted to achieve.

She now wanted to write a book. Writing makes her happy. She accomplished her dream book and celebrated it. As a diary entry she wrote the date of her accomplishments so that she can look back with pride, gratitude and happiness.
A final note. Think of how you want your life to be and live it. If it’s not right change it so that you can flourish and be happy. When you flourish you keep illness at bay love becomes your light and light your living. For further reading and interest read Dr Martin Saligman’s book “Flourish.” How have you achieved happiness and flourish in your life?  Share your story.
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