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TODAYSCONNECTIONS: Shine like an Everlasting Star~~INspiredGuide

Not many people have cool moves like Jagger at 67 years young, but that’s beside’s the point as age should not matter! What many of you have in common with Mick Jagger is that you are part of his generation.  However, when it comes down to planning a career many of you fall short of branding yourself properly. Who better to identify and demonstrate what excellent branding could means for YOU, than Mr. Jagger.

I grew up with the Rolling Stones; they are and have always been one of my favourite bands. I’ve always been impressed by how they manage to capture the zeitgeist of my generation, especially with charismatic front man Mick Jagger which still remains legend. We can all learn from Jagger as he demonstrates what can be done when reaching your sixties. He inspires millions of people around the globe, and Boomers you should take note on how this remarkable man brand’s without fearing himself or his capabilities.

Who can forget the 2010 Grammy Awards when Jagger showed ‘Generation X’ just how it’s done!

5 Reasons ‘Why Age is not the destination to life.’


Don’t hide it. Not everyone will love you. Merge your strength of character with your personality ie a leader with a joyous personality. If you have the opportunity of Social Media to off line your own stamp and woo them, then go for it! On and off stage, Jagger never hid who he was. You either loved him or hate him, but what stood out was his rebelliousness nature. You don’t have to be a rebel, but you can be a rebel within. Identify what it is that you stand for and then shout out load who you are!


There is a spirit that comes with a brand, mine is inspiration and joy and Jagger’s is; live and let live and have fun. A client once told me that his motto is’ Life is dead without giving’ and therefore generosity of spirit is the forefront of his brand. He welcomes you with it and says good bye on the same note. Commonly known as ‘The Generous Guy’ he gives free valuable time with value. What is your spirit? Make that the cornerstone when someone meets you, and don’t let them forget it. SHINE and SHINE some more!


Life can be fearful at times but it’s what defines you. I have been there and at times still revisit. How can you be fearless? It comes from within; you have the power to set yourself free. Whether Jagger’s fearless attitude was, it branded him for life. This is one area that all of you have in common and which you can accomplish. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? Being laughed at or judged? Who cares, if you are not talked about then you are either doing something good or bad.


Age is like the mantra for many achievements and destinations in life, says who? Society, birth certificates, age, looks and dare I continue…… Delete these ‘restrictions’ from your mindset and rewrite your life without age. Consult your Inspired guide (subconscious mind/character intuition etc) for answers and you will find a great wealth of knowledge. I was surprised to learn that Mick Jagger is a Buddhist and that he meditates every day. The beauty about this is that it contributes to an ageless mind, body and spirit. Wrinkles do not define age unless you want it to be the focus of your brand. There is nothing wrong with that. One client’s ability to put the sassiness of who she is into her service without the reference of age into her brand is brilliant, it naturally poured out from her personality and spirit which appealed to those who are attracted to an ageless life.


How do you want to be remembered? A client told me that she wanted to be remembered for her joyous personality and love for serving humanity. She is also a joyous leader. That’s very admirable of her. Is she living it? You bet. Look back at your life and identify what has been your shining moment; where friends, family or colleagues alike have said WOW! Continue to live it and redefine who you are. Write, talk or just be the person you have always been and add it to you ‘Ageless Career Manifesto.’ I am sure Jagger holds one too!

Final thought; Twitter is an amazing platform to start with  branding you.It gives you a sense of how your brand connects and is perceived. You have the opportunity to get it right. This how I started and can work for you. Be who you are!

Let me have your inspiring views on how you will be branding YOU and how YOU are benefitting.


Thank You

Till then,

Your Inspired Guide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene


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