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‘TodaysConnection:Mum, you are the love that stills the waters-Thank you’~~INspiredGuide

                              BLESS YOU ON MOTHERS DAY!

The role of a mum begins as soon as you are born and continues forever. Lets not forget  those mum’s who are not birth mothers but assume their role with joy and pride. ALL IS LOVE.

A   mother is so many things to a lot of you  all over the world. Thats what my mum is to me.

A wise hand that guided me, a soothing voice that told the truth, a smile that melted  when I was unsure of myself thats mum to me. Above all she gave me love and I loved her dearly in return. She made me the Mum I am

What about you?

No doubt this will be  similar sentiment all across the world. We share a common bond.

So, today give your mum  the respect and love she deserves by nurturing  them on their day. May your day be equally special: MUM’S THE WORD: THE WORLD IS MUM’S TODAY.

Happy Mothers Day to all Mum’s. Put your feet up!

Lets chat about it. Share your special moments  by expressing what your Mum means to you and what it means to be a mum?


INspiredGuide Coach

Maureen A Opene

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