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It was quite an honour to speak to a  great group of Baby Boomers on life balance online career they would like do from home on their terms!

Most of you want to work longer either full-time or part-time and feel younger. You want the use of a computer/iPad/smart phone to connect with clients. What you value most is time doing things that matter to you. You may  want to give back to your community in some form. These findings are in line with the Merrill Lynch Survey. For further information go to:


The findings further suggest that there are some on-line careers that may fit your needs and lifestyle. In other words living a balanced  and fulfilled Life.

Here are the chosen top 10 careers:


There is a move from off-line to on-line education. Baby boomers have a lot of experience, wisdom and teaching skills which can be thought from their home computers. Here is an example:

www.expertsmind.co.uk/services.aspx Recently there has been a move to ipads/smart phones which has proved to be valuable for you to expand on-line. Students and Baby boomers interested in on-line learning can also easily do so from the comfort of their own home.


It takes a lot of skill to become a writer. As they say everyone has one book in them or a story to tell. What better way to tell it from the comfort of your own home. You can find some useful information here: www.onlinewriters.co.uk


If you have selling skills or work within retail. This might be a the kind of career you are looking for. But it takes a lot of research and learning how you want to set up your business to suit your lifestyle. Visit www.ebay.com and research how you can become an Ebay seller or buyer.It is important to seek a lot information and support before you start.


There is a revolution going on in the real estate business. Many people are now setting up on- line.This could be a niche market for you to sell to other boomers interested in property investment for example, for their grandchildren. Here is an example: www.onlineestateagents.org.uk Again its important to do your research if you are new to this. Remember due diligence and ample research is needed before your jump in.


Qualifications is needed to work as a consultant. If you are already one and want to work from home part-time. There is a need to do research on how you can sell your services and what is your niche. Here is an example, www.youronlineaccountants.co.uk If you have worked within corporate you may have leads that could help you build clients.


If you are good with figures and  trained or want to trained to become one. That’s great. You can buy book-keeping packages from a specialist. Contact businesses who are looking for someone to do their books. Research is key. See here what Book keepers do www.theonlinebookkeeper.co.uk Go back to where you have worked before and tell them your plans and if possible ask for possible clients they know. The Yellow pages are a good place to research.


Blogging has been a blessing to many writers, professionals and social media experts. You bring all your experience and wisdom to teach the world to sing as it were:-)  Blogging is free and you can develop a huge following. Resources such as blogger or WordPress are good places to start. Find a niche and run with it.  Blogs such as travelling, learning, spirituality, products, nostalgia are popular among baby boomers. See example of freelance blogging job offers www.freelancer.co.uk/jobs/Blog/  For example,  my niche offers INspired Guide for personal development and career planning to Baby Boomer who want to work past retirement.  The rise of social media  such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Pinterest makes it easier to circulate your blogs.


Some people have a knack for reading charts and helping people find their way on-line. You have to study astrology and numerology to understand what it all means. For further information see here: www.astrology-numerology.com  They are generally done separately but most combine the two disciplines. If you are interested in this area its best to learn one at a time before you begin to practice. I do practice numerology only as I am passionate and drawn to it. There are computer packages that you can buy if you want an instant reading that does not take time.  I do everything by hand as I want to get a feel for the client intuitively.You can also stake your niche. Is it Business, professionals, the stock market, babies, personal development or more? Take your pick.


This is done both on-line and off-line.More and more career and life coaching is done on-line through skype/telephone/email. See here: www.employmentking.co.uk/career  This could be an ideal career for you if you want to be home with family. You have a lot of life experience to offer others. But you have to be trained. Research and find out what you want to do. Career or life coaches do various expertise for example, assessing abilities, personal development, inspiration, others help with planning, or work with boomers who want guidance with second careers. Also some career coaches only do CV/resume writing etc. You can choose a niche that appeals to you. All you need is a computer.


It is buying and selling on-line. This ranges from art to electrical goods to household goods. But Most of you tend to be interested in the art and antiques business. See information here: www.peacockauction.co.uk/buying-and-selling/online-auctions    There is information on-line and you can take an evening class on art and antiques. You have the option to go on location and examine whats on offer before you buy or sell.


It could be that you want a different type of business to suit your needs. Check out www.entrepreneur.com  and get some tips on business from home.

There has never been a better time  to excel on-line in what you want to do past retirement. Be INspired!

Let me know if any of these online careers appeal to you or you are already doing some of them. Do you have any other on-line careers that you wnt to share with others? It would be great to get some feedback from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kind Regards

Maureen  A Opene

INspiredGuide Career Coach


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