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Today’s Connection: Your mind is Ageless~~INspiredGuide

***This blog was inspired by @LeroyBell the 60 year old singer on X Factor USA***

boomers working longer

Old seems to be the word thrown around as soon as one reaches the forties, yet the ‘Aging Research Brigade’ tells us that we are living longer, healthier and better. Now that’s fantastic! Therefore planning careers, working harder and starting new ones including running your life should not be based on how old you are, surely not?

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I’ve been through circumstances where opportunities within my workplace have been presented to my younger counterparts before me. I have taken it within my stride regardless of how society tries to label ‘old’, and it has also inspired me to create this blog.

It got me thinking; what if there was no age or no birth certificate to refer to, how would this change society’s viewpoint on age? I’m sure something else will be invented perhaps wrinkles, staying power or how productive you are in the workplace, but ultimately designed to distract one. Very clever!

There has to be an alternative, as I see no rules as to what gives society the right to dictate on how long a person should work within a career or the fret about setting new goals to further and better one’s life. There is no clear destination, but many of you will work longer for various reasons and for this one’s needs an essential ingredient called passion!

Take Leroy Bell for example, he started a new career whilst most of us are retiring or thinking about it at the young age of sixty; Leroy say’s that “He’s not close to that yet”. Old is indeed not old. I do hope this rocking fellow wins X Factor USA as he lives an ageless life and reminds us that we can live our life on our own terms.


You cannot put an expiry date on how the mind works, pay attention to your inspired guide called intuition as the subconscious mind is a powerful tool in one’s life. It keeps mind, body and spirit young and it always tells the truth. This is a tool which keeps one going and even allows one to reinvent something new, also known as ‘The God Within’.

Learn how to use it fast, as it’s the greatest tool human are posses in making them successful, ageless and attractive. Keep a pad at all times, write down whatever flashes through your mind. Inspiration is all around you. Think Steve Jobs, and what made him so great. No rules, even if you are laughed at and viewed as crazy. I for one cannot live without it. Stop depending on your rational mind as it’s far too noisy, and let your intuition direct you before your rational mind takes over.


Boomers you are reinventing how one can plan a career authentically. It is not a birth date plan, it’s a ‘Career Life Plan’ and neither is it about your biological clock ticking. Fit your plans around your family life and values that are important to you. I know that plans can change at any given time but have something in place as a guide. In this economy everyone should have a solid Plan B. I believe that you should always start with an ‘Ageless Career Manifesto’ which is like a mission statement of your life, stating what you want and where you want to be. Do not get morbid about how many years you have left. It should be about you and how much you can utilise and manage your career right now. Hang it on the wall where it’s visible and let it serve as a reminder. Review it often, believe in yourself and make the change.


The image of sitting at home with knitting pins and doing puzzles is no longer what boomers are prepared to do, no way, that is old school. You are out there starting a quiet revolution on how the ‘old tag’ no longer holds. I have always thought the word ‘retirement’ or ‘retire’ is odd and sounds lame. It really means that one is tired and  unworthy of accomplishing anything else, after working hard your entire career. Why not refer to it as a ‘Careering Gap’ similar to a gap year or if you decide to throw in the towel, call it ‘Recreational Living’. Organisations will realise that by letting Boomers go there will be a shortfall of experience, talent, skills and wisdom. Why not let Boomers work hand in hand with generation X and together create and pro-actively re-invent the workplace. Only then, will the reference to ‘old’ no longer hold water and age would become appreciated and irrelevant.


The link between Boomers and Social Media is a marriage made in heaven and is growing rapidly.  Building relationships with meaning is where you shine.  Social Media was supposedly for the younger generation. Learn how to link Social Media with your career; join social networks like twitter, Facebook and develop groups on LinkedIn. Do what appeals to you and form great networks with like-minded people. It’s your voice that is relevant. Do not let society determine how you should go about ending your career. Boomers you have been given the gift to excel!


Boomers you are reinventing careers in self-employment, business or in the workplace in many areas that was once meant for the younger generation, such as social media, nursing, networking, coaching, psychology, inspiration and more. Be flexible and retrain your brain with fresh and new ideas and seek professional career advice, but make sure to do so with someone who value’s and respects people of all ages. You also have the option of working part-time, on contract or freelance. In fact, create the best career for you, and sell it with conviction. Brand you and leave out the old!

Well there you have it. I have torn up my birth certificate a long time ago; ‘This Grandma is not done yet!’

Do you think ‘old is not old’ and how are you redefining this society driven world of defining old? I look forward to hearing your story.


          Thank You

Your INspired Guide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene


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