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It was quite an honour to speak to a  great group of Baby Boomers on life balance online career they would like do from home on their terms!

Most of you want to work longer either full-time or part-time and feel younger. You want the use of a computer/iPad/smart phone to connect with clients. What you value most is time doing things that matter to you. You may  want to give back to your community in some form. These findings are in line with the Merrill Lynch Survey. For further information go to:


The findings further suggest that there are some on-line careers that may fit your needs and lifestyle. In other words living a balanced  and fulfilled Life.

Here are the chosen top 10 careers:


There is a move from off-line to on-line education. Baby boomers have a lot of experience, wisdom and teaching skills which can be thought from their home computers. Here is an example:

www.expertsmind.co.uk/services.aspx Recently there has been a move to ipads/smart phones which has proved to be valuable for you to expand on-line. Students and Baby boomers interested in on-line learning can also easily do so from the comfort of their own home.


It takes a lot of skill to become a writer. As they say everyone has one book in them or a story to tell. What better way to tell it from the comfort of your own home. You can find some useful information here: www.onlinewriters.co.uk


If you have selling skills or work within retail. This might be a the kind of career you are looking for. But it takes a lot of research and learning how you want to set up your business to suit your lifestyle. Visit www.ebay.com and research how you can become an Ebay seller or buyer.It is important to seek a lot information and support before you start.


There is a revolution going on in the real estate business. Many people are now setting up on- line.This could be a niche market for you to sell to other boomers interested in property investment for example, for their grandchildren. Here is an example: www.onlineestateagents.org.uk Again its important to do your research if you are new to this. Remember due diligence and ample research is needed before your jump in.


Qualifications is needed to work as a consultant. If you are already one and want to work from home part-time. There is a need to do research on how you can sell your services and what is your niche. Here is an example, www.youronlineaccountants.co.uk If you have worked within corporate you may have leads that could help you build clients.


If you are good with figures and  trained or want to trained to become one. That’s great. You can buy book-keeping packages from a specialist. Contact businesses who are looking for someone to do their books. Research is key. See here what Book keepers do www.theonlinebookkeeper.co.uk Go back to where you have worked before and tell them your plans and if possible ask for possible clients they know. The Yellow pages are a good place to research.


Blogging has been a blessing to many writers, professionals and social media experts. You bring all your experience and wisdom to teach the world to sing as it were:-)  Blogging is free and you can develop a huge following. Resources such as blogger or WordPress are good places to start. Find a niche and run with it.  Blogs such as travelling, learning, spirituality, products, nostalgia are popular among baby boomers. See example of freelance blogging job offers www.freelancer.co.uk/jobs/Blog/  For example,  my niche offers INspired Guide for personal development and career planning to Baby Boomer who want to work past retirement.  The rise of social media  such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Pinterest makes it easier to circulate your blogs.


Some people have a knack for reading charts and helping people find their way on-line. You have to study astrology and numerology to understand what it all means. For further information see here: www.astrology-numerology.com  They are generally done separately but most combine the two disciplines. If you are interested in this area its best to learn one at a time before you begin to practice. I do practice numerology only as I am passionate and drawn to it. There are computer packages that you can buy if you want an instant reading that does not take time.  I do everything by hand as I want to get a feel for the client intuitively.You can also stake your niche. Is it Business, professionals, the stock market, babies, personal development or more? Take your pick.


This is done both on-line and off-line.More and more career and life coaching is done on-line through skype/telephone/email. See here: www.employmentking.co.uk/career  This could be an ideal career for you if you want to be home with family. You have a lot of life experience to offer others. But you have to be trained. Research and find out what you want to do. Career or life coaches do various expertise for example, assessing abilities, personal development, inspiration, others help with planning, or work with boomers who want guidance with second careers. Also some career coaches only do CV/resume writing etc. You can choose a niche that appeals to you. All you need is a computer.


It is buying and selling on-line. This ranges from art to electrical goods to household goods. But Most of you tend to be interested in the art and antiques business. See information here: www.peacockauction.co.uk/buying-and-selling/online-auctions    There is information on-line and you can take an evening class on art and antiques. You have the option to go on location and examine whats on offer before you buy or sell.


It could be that you want a different type of business to suit your needs. Check out www.entrepreneur.com  and get some tips on business from home.

There has never been a better time  to excel on-line in what you want to do past retirement. Be INspired!

Let me know if any of these online careers appeal to you or you are already doing some of them. Do you have any other on-line careers that you wnt to share with others? It would be great to get some feedback from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kind Regards

Maureen  A Opene

INspiredGuide Career Coach

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“TODAYS CONNECTION: Opportunity for change is a date with progress~~~~~INspiredGuide”


I am grateful and thankful for everything last year both good and bad. Lessons learnt will be put into practice and successes  built upon. As I look through the window of intuitive INspired Guide I see a year of change and progress which will bring new opportunities in many areas of work and life. This year is about how you can position yourself to take advantage of these trends.

Looking back, we had a year of political  upheaval and change in many parts  of the world but this will bottom out. There was and still is a recession, economic uncertainty, unemployment and decline in living standards which has affected most of you in one way or the other. This will get better. You  continue to be concerned about your pensions, savings, workplace challenges, health and more. Rightly so.

On the brighter side  there is a silver lining!

You will be given a lot of opportunities this year directly or indirectly such as in technology, social media, networking,  elearning, training, building relationships, Spirituality and connections are among some of the strongest areas for growth.  Be ready to take advantage of these trends.

There are 5 main trends:


Gen VS Boomers

Where are we now? There is a clash of values and conflict in the workplace.  Boomers cannot afford to retire because  of change in pensions therefore they have less savings to retire on so they have to work longer.  There is lack of leadership promotion, employment and job opportunities for millennials.  Therefore baby boomers are seen as dream killers  and millennials seen as lacking in decipline. The Crux of the matter is  change tends to bring uncertainty and conflict. There is an opportunity for change and progress in how both generation can work together. The hope is that mentoring for both will raise in the workplace.

INspired Guide Trend

  • The rise of collaborative leadership with less emphasis on age.
  • Millennials and baby boomers will become more involve in mentoring  programmes . More like an exchange programme to benefit both. For example Boomers can bring soft skills and millennials advanced technology skills
  • Individual personalities and learning styles  will become more important rather  than  generational gap. Get to know them as people, connect and build relationships.
  • Training and retraining in technology, social media and new skills will  be  made more accessible and flexible especially for Baby boomers.
  • Boomers who feel marginalised but will continue to be inspired by entrepreneurship and business start-ups. More to do with passion and second careers  away from the workplace.


Where are we now? Many baby boomers are found on Facebook mainly because of family and friends. This continues to spill into business work life. Boomers are engaged on other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, Google+ and others. Social media  have brought about a lot of connections and expansions in communication and continues to rise. This will get exciting.

INspiredGuide Trends:

  • Baby boomers will increase their business engagement on social media especially on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google+ is an interesting alternative.
  • There will be the rise of more meaningful inter-connected niches with shared social media which will benefit  followers and connections. Twitter will be at the forefront of this and will be extended to Facebook, Google+ etc.
  • Profiles tell a story. How real do you want to be? This will become more important and relevant to your followers/friends/connections. No place to hide.
  • The integration of smartphones, tablets and technology with social media will become more popular. You will continue to learn how to use them to your benefit and excel.
  • Inspirational stories will be on the rise that connects with shared  values extending to YouTube. Imagery will play a big part in getting stories and messages across. A picture tells a story.
  • ‘Authentic You’ has never been so meaningful in how you brand and position yourself to your tribe of followers/ connections/friends. It is also about how influential you are authentically rather than the amount of followers/connections you have. Be real, graceful and genuine is the way you connect. Honoured to meet you.
  • Stream lining is the  new focus. More and more Boomers will experiment with social media to find out what works for them. Too many choices to pick from and cope with. Chose the ones that work for you and then focus your energy. Time  Management is essential to your productivity. One thing at a time will bring the best result.


Where are we now? Baby boomers want to work longer because they are passionate about their career but do not have enough savings. Boomers are living longer, healthier and better. This has brought about change.  Governments around the world decided to increase the pension age because of a shortfall. Baby boomers are searching for a way to balance the two. There is a breakthrough in some areas but not enough yet.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • Effective Career planning is at the forefront of a sustainable progressive plan B. Uncertainty in earnings  will bring urgent measures for you to fit it  into your retirement plans.
  • There will be new ways to work. The integration of home and career will become more important to boomer relationships and connections. Many of you will choose to work from home to be close to family and friends.Technology can bridge this gap. Skype, youtube and social media for example and can build a coaching home business if you want to be there for your loved ones and grand children.
  • The rise of mentorship will  bring about new freelance consulting/coaching careers.
  • Workplace will become dependent on boomer leadership, knowledge, experience and wisdom. You will be offered flexible roles to help nurture and collaborate with the  millennials.
  • The further rise of social networking will  bring about unusual partnerships and connections with like-minded people.
  • You will become more conscious about how you earn a living. How many hours do you want to work to make the desired amount to live? The emphasis is on work smart not drop dead. Stress and Time Management consulting will rise.


Where are we now?  I have noticed on Twitter amazing connections which are taking a life of there own. It’s interesting that Baby  Boomers are seeking like-minded individual to inspire and form groups in exciting ways. It’s not on the scale of ‘occupy wall street’ but  there are some interesting trends building here.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • There will be a rise of  ‘consciousness movement-networks’ which will focus on change and progress. What is your passion or interest? Is it Empowerment? Hashtags have never been busier. This will be built both on and off-line.
  • Find your tribe and connect to a group of like-minded people and inspire in new ways to make a change. Earnings shortfall will be at the centre of how you can find ways to improve your cost of living. We are all in this together.
  • Find new ways to simplify what you do by reaching out on-line/off-line connections that it brings long-lasting rewards.


 Where are we now? There has been an increase in health and well-being fitness in the light of working longer, living longer and living better. There has also been a rise in brain fitness to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory lose. This is because of the worry of losing independence.  Religion and spirituality has been one of the highlights of 2011. You will continue to find meaning and also a new interest as a career.

INspiredGuide Trends

  • Brain as well as body fitness will  continue to make big in roads for maintaining health and earning a living. It’s the  new money.
  • The growth of spirituality and religion will continue but will be linked more than ever with shared values and beliefs through social media.
  • There will be a shift from anti-aging to aspirational wisdom. What’s wrong with the ageless mind? You have a lot of gifts to share.
  • Inspired Guide will be the link for connecting self and well-being. You will learn more and more about how to unlock the gifts of the subconscious mind that contributes to the ageless mind for everything you want. This is your goldmine!
  • There will be a rise  in the of use of  brain iPhone/SmartPhone apps for preserving memory and increasing well being.This is associated with the fear of losing ones memory .  All will be well.

Last Word: Watch out  Twitter will take off in  a surprising direction but more emphasis is placed on curated content . Also Google+  brings something different to the table for those who are looking for a new kind of organised social networking. Talk about social Media overload! This will be the busiest year ever. The rise of Consciousness movements of a new kind for a purposeful world.

There you have it!

What are your trends for 2012? Are any of these trends appealing to you-which ones. Please leave a comment.


Thank you

Best Wishes

Your INspiredGuide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene

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TODAYSCONNECTIONS: Shine like an Everlasting Star~~INspiredGuide

Not many people have cool moves like Jagger at 67 years young, but that’s beside’s the point as age should not matter! What many of you have in common with Mick Jagger is that you are part of his generation.  However, when it comes down to planning a career many of you fall short of branding yourself properly. Who better to identify and demonstrate what excellent branding could means for YOU, than Mr. Jagger.

I grew up with the Rolling Stones; they are and have always been one of my favourite bands. I’ve always been impressed by how they manage to capture the zeitgeist of my generation, especially with charismatic front man Mick Jagger which still remains legend. We can all learn from Jagger as he demonstrates what can be done when reaching your sixties. He inspires millions of people around the globe, and Boomers you should take note on how this remarkable man brand’s without fearing himself or his capabilities.

Who can forget the 2010 Grammy Awards when Jagger showed ‘Generation X’ just how it’s done!

5 Reasons ‘Why Age is not the destination to life.’


Don’t hide it. Not everyone will love you. Merge your strength of character with your personality ie a leader with a joyous personality. If you have the opportunity of Social Media to off line your own stamp and woo them, then go for it! On and off stage, Jagger never hid who he was. You either loved him or hate him, but what stood out was his rebelliousness nature. You don’t have to be a rebel, but you can be a rebel within. Identify what it is that you stand for and then shout out load who you are!


There is a spirit that comes with a brand, mine is inspiration and joy and Jagger’s is; live and let live and have fun. A client once told me that his motto is’ Life is dead without giving’ and therefore generosity of spirit is the forefront of his brand. He welcomes you with it and says good bye on the same note. Commonly known as ‘The Generous Guy’ he gives free valuable time with value. What is your spirit? Make that the cornerstone when someone meets you, and don’t let them forget it. SHINE and SHINE some more!


Life can be fearful at times but it’s what defines you. I have been there and at times still revisit. How can you be fearless? It comes from within; you have the power to set yourself free. Whether Jagger’s fearless attitude was, it branded him for life. This is one area that all of you have in common and which you can accomplish. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? Being laughed at or judged? Who cares, if you are not talked about then you are either doing something good or bad.


Age is like the mantra for many achievements and destinations in life, says who? Society, birth certificates, age, looks and dare I continue…… Delete these ‘restrictions’ from your mindset and rewrite your life without age. Consult your Inspired guide (subconscious mind/character intuition etc) for answers and you will find a great wealth of knowledge. I was surprised to learn that Mick Jagger is a Buddhist and that he meditates every day. The beauty about this is that it contributes to an ageless mind, body and spirit. Wrinkles do not define age unless you want it to be the focus of your brand. There is nothing wrong with that. One client’s ability to put the sassiness of who she is into her service without the reference of age into her brand is brilliant, it naturally poured out from her personality and spirit which appealed to those who are attracted to an ageless life.


How do you want to be remembered? A client told me that she wanted to be remembered for her joyous personality and love for serving humanity. She is also a joyous leader. That’s very admirable of her. Is she living it? You bet. Look back at your life and identify what has been your shining moment; where friends, family or colleagues alike have said WOW! Continue to live it and redefine who you are. Write, talk or just be the person you have always been and add it to you ‘Ageless Career Manifesto.’ I am sure Jagger holds one too!

Final thought; Twitter is an amazing platform to start with  branding you.It gives you a sense of how your brand connects and is perceived. You have the opportunity to get it right. This how I started and can work for you. Be who you are!

Let me have your inspiring views on how you will be branding YOU and how YOU are benefitting.


Thank You

Till then,

Your Inspired Guide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene

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Today’s Connection: Your mind is Ageless~~INspiredGuide

***This blog was inspired by @LeroyBell the 60 year old singer on X Factor USA***

boomers working longer

Old seems to be the word thrown around as soon as one reaches the forties, yet the ‘Aging Research Brigade’ tells us that we are living longer, healthier and better. Now that’s fantastic! Therefore planning careers, working harder and starting new ones including running your life should not be based on how old you are, surely not?

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I’ve been through circumstances where opportunities within my workplace have been presented to my younger counterparts before me. I have taken it within my stride regardless of how society tries to label ‘old’, and it has also inspired me to create this blog.

It got me thinking; what if there was no age or no birth certificate to refer to, how would this change society’s viewpoint on age? I’m sure something else will be invented perhaps wrinkles, staying power or how productive you are in the workplace, but ultimately designed to distract one. Very clever!

There has to be an alternative, as I see no rules as to what gives society the right to dictate on how long a person should work within a career or the fret about setting new goals to further and better one’s life. There is no clear destination, but many of you will work longer for various reasons and for this one’s needs an essential ingredient called passion!

Take Leroy Bell for example, he started a new career whilst most of us are retiring or thinking about it at the young age of sixty; Leroy say’s that “He’s not close to that yet”. Old is indeed not old. I do hope this rocking fellow wins X Factor USA as he lives an ageless life and reminds us that we can live our life on our own terms.


You cannot put an expiry date on how the mind works, pay attention to your inspired guide called intuition as the subconscious mind is a powerful tool in one’s life. It keeps mind, body and spirit young and it always tells the truth. This is a tool which keeps one going and even allows one to reinvent something new, also known as ‘The God Within’.

Learn how to use it fast, as it’s the greatest tool human are posses in making them successful, ageless and attractive. Keep a pad at all times, write down whatever flashes through your mind. Inspiration is all around you. Think Steve Jobs, and what made him so great. No rules, even if you are laughed at and viewed as crazy. I for one cannot live without it. Stop depending on your rational mind as it’s far too noisy, and let your intuition direct you before your rational mind takes over.


Boomers you are reinventing how one can plan a career authentically. It is not a birth date plan, it’s a ‘Career Life Plan’ and neither is it about your biological clock ticking. Fit your plans around your family life and values that are important to you. I know that plans can change at any given time but have something in place as a guide. In this economy everyone should have a solid Plan B. I believe that you should always start with an ‘Ageless Career Manifesto’ which is like a mission statement of your life, stating what you want and where you want to be. Do not get morbid about how many years you have left. It should be about you and how much you can utilise and manage your career right now. Hang it on the wall where it’s visible and let it serve as a reminder. Review it often, believe in yourself and make the change.


The image of sitting at home with knitting pins and doing puzzles is no longer what boomers are prepared to do, no way, that is old school. You are out there starting a quiet revolution on how the ‘old tag’ no longer holds. I have always thought the word ‘retirement’ or ‘retire’ is odd and sounds lame. It really means that one is tired and  unworthy of accomplishing anything else, after working hard your entire career. Why not refer to it as a ‘Careering Gap’ similar to a gap year or if you decide to throw in the towel, call it ‘Recreational Living’. Organisations will realise that by letting Boomers go there will be a shortfall of experience, talent, skills and wisdom. Why not let Boomers work hand in hand with generation X and together create and pro-actively re-invent the workplace. Only then, will the reference to ‘old’ no longer hold water and age would become appreciated and irrelevant.


The link between Boomers and Social Media is a marriage made in heaven and is growing rapidly.  Building relationships with meaning is where you shine.  Social Media was supposedly for the younger generation. Learn how to link Social Media with your career; join social networks like twitter, Facebook and develop groups on LinkedIn. Do what appeals to you and form great networks with like-minded people. It’s your voice that is relevant. Do not let society determine how you should go about ending your career. Boomers you have been given the gift to excel!


Boomers you are reinventing careers in self-employment, business or in the workplace in many areas that was once meant for the younger generation, such as social media, nursing, networking, coaching, psychology, inspiration and more. Be flexible and retrain your brain with fresh and new ideas and seek professional career advice, but make sure to do so with someone who value’s and respects people of all ages. You also have the option of working part-time, on contract or freelance. In fact, create the best career for you, and sell it with conviction. Brand you and leave out the old!

Well there you have it. I have torn up my birth certificate a long time ago; ‘This Grandma is not done yet!’

Do you think ‘old is not old’ and how are you redefining this society driven world of defining old? I look forward to hearing your story.


          Thank You

Your INspired Guide Career Coach

Maureen A Opene

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