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~*~Words Have The Power To Change Lives~*~ #Quote #INspiredGuide

Everyday Millions of Quotes are sent by meaningful Angels with a message to make your day Positive and rewarding.

You Read or engage in quotes that appeals to you on social networks, blogs, or sent as a random message.

I remember when I first joined Twitter. I never knew what to do immediately. Quotes was an intuitive gift which helped me get started and it has been that way ever since.

I have seen the benefits and rewards its given others and the joy it has given me to share. Love and Passion is paramount. I Thank You!

So here is 20 Inspiring ways quotes can awaken you. Everyone of them appeals to different souls and spirits.

Take this as a gift from me to you and to new readers too:-)

1. It can open your eyes to another perception of life.

2. Quotes Feeds The hungry Soul And can makes you Feel whole.

3. It can Appeal To your Life Story That needs to Be Told.

4. It Becomes Your Daily Flashing News To Gain Knowledge From.

5. Sometimes Answers Are Revealed In A Quote For A Business Service.

6. It Offers You Hope When you Feel Hopeless.

7. New INspiration can Be Found In A Quote Becoming Your Mission Statement.

8. There Is Comfort in A quote When you Need Strength To move On.

9. When You Tweet A quote You never Know who It Speaks To-retweeting it is a gift.

10. Quotes Aspire to INspire You and others in memorable ways.

11. It is Your Personal Development Tool for Growth.

12. There Is wisdom to be learnt and lived by.

13. It sets the Tone for the day and things can only get better.

14. One Quote can unleash Your passion-there is no turning back.

15. It offers love and peace In every area of your life.

16. It awakens emotions you never thought you had.

17. Baby Boomers Can use quotes As The INspired-Guide for Work/Life Balance.

18. Quotes make You believe That nothing Is Impossible.

19. Your creativity has No Barrier If You hit The right Quote.

20. It Puts A smile On Your Face And Makes Your Soul Sing.

Last Word:The magic of reading a quote can set your world alight in a way you never imagine.

So, in which way quotes awaken you-chose your favorite way. Do you have something to add?

Thanks for Reading.
Kind Regards
Maureen A Opene INspired Guide Career Coach.


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